Acoustic Products

(i) Sound Attenuators:
The comprehensive range of Sound Attenuators manufactured at Seagull have been designed to address the widest possible spectrum of acoustic problems that are encountered by the building services industry. Sound Attenuators have been tested to American standards ASTM E 477:06a and British standards BS 4718. They are built to the latest HVAC standards, SMACNA and DW 144. We can supply the full range of sound attenuators, in Rectangular or Circular design.

(ii) Acoustic Louvres:
The extensive diamond range of acoustic louvres manufactured at Seagull have
been designed to meet the varied requirements of both the Architect & Building Services Engineer, wherever the need arises to pass air through the external fabric of a building and yet still maintain a high overall level of sound reduction and pleasing appearance.

The key design features of Seagull manufactured Acoustic Louvres are:
Excellent and consistent external appearance
Efficient aerodynamic performance
Effective noise reducing performance

(iii) Acoustic Consultancy:
Our team of professionals is capable of providing solutions for noise and vibration problems for HVAC equipments and other building at services.